To walk an extra mile…

Here a
couple of months ago I took my self hard in my neck and marched with determined
steps out into my kitchen. With goal oriented attitude I picked out all the
necessities and got started. About an hour later a 6-number-shaped 4-story
chocolate cake was done and waiting for the birthday kid to return home.

I was
really exhausted that day and half-way through the decoration the thought came:
“Why do I bother? The kid would have been happy with an ordinary cake too…”
Then God whisper silent in my heart: “Because you walk an extra mile, my girl…”
I got so stunned that I stopped up and said: “You’re kidding God?
is not walking an extra mile? Is it…”

I, and it’s
probably just me that do this, many times think to advanced about the Biblical
truths and principles. I make them almost unreachable to live by in daily life,
because I complicate them to much. But God is practical. The Bible is FULL of
practical tips about how we should live our lives, and about the plans God has
for our lives. And this time God wanted to teach me something about “walking an
extra mile”.

I couldn’t
understand with my own mind (thoughts) what God meant, as so many times before.
But instead of trying to figure it out on my own, I also this time decided in
my heart that: “When you say it God, then that’s how it is, but show me more.”
I decided to trust His Word to me, but asked Him to teach me more.

I’ve been thinking that walking a mile extra is something we do the times
people mistreat us or we’re put to do something we really don’t feel up to.
Like when someone talk bad about us and we don’t answer back, but decide to put
it behind us and continue to relate to that person with love. Or when you are
put to do something you really don’t like at all, but you do it and also put
some extra effort in doing it. This was my “extra mile”, but that was until God
came and told me that I was walking an extra mile by making a special cake
instead of a simple, ordinary one…

To walk an
extra mile can be something as simple as making a cake like I did. Because it
came from my heart and I had to stretch beyond what was natural for me that
day. God’s love positively force us to do good against each other (one another),
to stretch out further than what’s natural for us, to do more than what’s
expected from us, to go beyond what circumstances require us to do… to walk an
extra mile. Not because we have to, but because we want to.

Din tur til å dele :)

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