A BAD DAY or what???

 hope the title caught you eyes,
cause now you gonna hear something not many of us thinks about…

THERE are NO such thing called A BAD DAY when you are WALKING WITH GOD!!

….I almost hear the whole choir saying…

…no such thing as a bad day????
OK you haven’t been living my life, you don’t know what I’m going through…some of you are thinking…

NO I DON’T but I know something else….
I know the most important thing about you all…
I know the thing that changed the lives for you all..
I know Him who you are serving!!


SURPRISE!!! or I guess not, since you all know that God is the most important part of my life,
more important than my two beautiful and precious and sweet and adoring and (you get my point you said…OK) boys!!!

OK…no such thing as a bad day. I know I have to explain my self a little bit here…

I have bad hair days,
I don’t think about those days…
….(one of them are today…buuhuuu)

I have days with sickness in my body,
I don’t think about them either
(I’ve got ME/CFS and having a really down period..

…can’t do anything almost…)

Many kind of bad days we can talk about…

– but a really bad day is a day without God.
That’s a bad day!!!
And how many of you are living without God as your Saviour and Lord???
NONE!! So none of you are actually having bad days!

I don’t wanna make you all stop saying ‘I have a bad day….’
that’s not why I’m writing this-

I wanna make you remember that………
….you always have God in your life
….you can always rejoice in Him
….He never changes
….He is always gonna be there for you
….He is always watching over you
…and longing to bless you and reveal more of Himself for you.

And if that’s true for each day of our lives,
can we truly, from the bottom of our hearts,
say that we’re having… …a bad day??? or what??

Psalms 118:24
This is the day which Jehovah hath made; We will rejoice and be glad in it.

Din tur til å dele :)

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