Grace alone

I drifted away without noticing it
life caught me up and tangled me in.
While success comforted my self esteem
and outwardly everything seemed just fine,
my heart became emptier day by day

Where I went wrong I can’t understand
and I can’t find my way out of this mess.
In my heart I hear your loving voice calling me
«Come back home again, I’m waiting for you.
My grace is enough for you».

I tried to run further away from You
but ended up crashing into the wall of demands
I couldn’t be what people expected me to be
and felt lost in every area of life.
My days were dark and I cried out for help.

Once again you whispered «come home» to me
and finally I gave up this life of  stubborn pride.
With my face turned toward the ground
while tears of shame dripped on your feet
I humbly asked and hoped for your forgiveness.

You knelt down to where I was
and became the lifter of my head.
You looked me straight into my eyes
with a love that took my breath away.
«I love you and my grace is enough»

You wiped away my tears and smiled at me.
«I’ll be here by your side each and every day»
you said, and helped me back on my feet.
You gave me a chance to start all over again
and by your power live eternal life here on earth.

Your wounds they healed me.
Your words they freed me.
Your work it saved me.
By grace alone I’m saved,
by grace alone I’m yours.

Din tur til å dele :)

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