Were Where You?

Were where you?

were where you God
when the sky turned black
from rising smoke after the bomb

were where you God
when the ground turned red
from bleeding wounds

were where you God
when our security was ripped away
and we faced so deep a fear

so many tears, so many screams
so many hearts crying out
were where you God?

numbness fills my soul
no more tears to cry
words are few and hard to speak

darkness falls around me
(there) in the silence I suddenly hear
a loving whisper coming through

I was there all along
and I’ll be there every minute
I am always here no matter what

I see and feel your pain
let me comfort you tonight
so you can comfort others

I see the hopelessness and pain
in the eyes and hearts of all
let me be the peace you bring

when tragedy strikes
and your world crashes down
I’m here to take you through

I’ll give you strength to carry on
I’ll heal your broken heart
I’ll always be where you are

when you don’t understand
when you can’t see the reasons
know that I am here, I’m always here

* * *

skrevet etter vi opplevde terror i Oslo og på Utøya.
Forklaring i opprinnelig innlegg.

Din tur til å dele :)

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