He is ALWAYS there with you (because of Jesus)

Because of Jesus
we every day can tell our hearts
«Be still, because He is here!»

Because of Jesus
we every day will be carried through
by God’s love,mercy and strength

Because of Jesus
we will meet trials and suffering in this world
but we can always face it in Him

Because of Jesus
we are not of this world
even thou we are here!

Because of Jesus
we can live as conquers in life
and not just survive day by day

Because of Jesus
we forgive others because we ourselves
are forgiven so much more

Because of Jesus
we love others with all of our hearts
because we was loved like that first

Because of Jesus
we enter God’s throne and knows
we are welcomed with open arms

Because of Jesus
I’m writing this to you
to let you know I care

You are in heart and thoughts
and this was my way to tell you that!

You are so precious
that I haven’t got words to describe
but this I know;

When God looks at you
it is with the biggest smile and proudest eyes possible
because He looks at His precious daughter/son, and beloved



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