But I just have ten minutes…

I thought about dropping by you here the other day,
but I only had ten minutes, so I just let it be…

More than me that have thought similar to this?
I thought I should drop by some one or that one, but it’s always so little time available,
days are always so full of things I have to do, and it’s only ten-fifteen minutes ‘free’ in between…
and what is really ten minutes, it’s to stupid to drop by for "only" ten minutes…


Ten minutes that show that you care about another person, that you carry that one in your heart and have thought about him/her
Ten minutes that show that I love you and was wondering about how everything went
Ten minutes that say that you’ve prioritized to come visit that person in between everything that’s going on, because you wanna keep in touch
Ten minutes that say so much more than just the words you have time to exchange the minutes you’re there

And if ten little minutes can say so much, are they really "just" ten minutes then?
Ten minutes can give another person assurance about that there are someone that loves them
that someone are thinking about them and cares,
that someone prioritize exactly them in a busy everyday,
maybe they get the encouragement they need right there and then
or that we are able to share a word from God with them…

MUCH can happen in ten minutes!
A day can be turned from bad to good, a heart can be touched, a life can be changed…

Word can say a lot, but action do speak louder
Next time you think: "But I’ve only got ten minutes"
bite your self a little in your tongue and shake your head a little also- so you turn your way of thinking to
"I actually got ten minutes now!!! This is gonna be so great!!!

and many times when we stand there,
we quickly discover that this is so important that we actually have both fifteen and twenty minutes to share!
And when we leave, we are happy and with a feeling of that we just been blessed!

Din tur til å dele :)

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