Changing the world – Happy Mother’s Day

One Heartbeat At A Time is one of the most precious song’s I know of.
Because it in a simple, yet so powerful way, express how we many times get so caught up in all the things needed to be done, that we forget that giving of us self and being together with our children actually are one of THE most important things we can do
and that we by doing so, we through our daily life, through raising our kids, through become "us" in a heart-to-heart-fellowship
The song is a tribute to mother’s, written and performed by Steven Curtis Chapman

Since Mother’s Day is closing in (till Sunday) I this weekend made a new video, and of course to this song!!!
It’s dedicated to mother’s of all kind, and especially to mamma (my mom), mommy dearest and mormor (my G’ma)
and as I’ve written online according to the song; DAD’s- this goes for you too!!!!

(norske lesere, jeg er ikke på bærtur, men jeg lever til tider mer etter US-tider og merkedager enn norske!
Jeg vet den norske morsdagen var 8.feb!!! Det ble lagt ut en video da også- samme sang, men med video laget av noen andre!)!156713BDEDF7DD7D!1065.entry

Din tur til å dele :)

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