Expect greater things to come alive- they’re already yours!

We can read about many things in the Bible that are ours, like healing, His power, a peaceful
heart, provision and much more. But for some/many reasons many have a hard time believing that this also are available for them, that these things are theirs. But do you know what??? They already have been given to you because of what Jesus did, and even though you haven’t seen them come alive yet, that doesn’t mean that it¨s not yours. Expect them to come alive and visible in your life, because if Gods word says it’s yours, it IS yours. But remember, we have to live our lives according to His word!!!

Think about it this way… I have 2 boys, and in some months they both have birthdays. And will I get them presents?? of course!!! If I asked them about that: Do you believe mommy will buy you presents?? Would they say «NO I can’t see it so I don’t believe it!» OR «mommy, why do you ask such a stupid question…of course you will!!!»

When the weeks are passing by, birthdays are closing in and they still haven’t seen me buy any presents yet…will they start to doubt it?? Of course not!!! Because they believe in me as a caring and loving mother and of course I’ll do that!!! They believe in me and my words because they know and trust my love for them. God is your Father, and He LOVES to give you good presents, and those I mentioned in the start, and many like those, are already yours. Believe they are; expect to see them come alive!! Just like my kids, that in their childish trust and faith KNOWS they will get something special for their birthdays!

Have a great day everyone!
And remember, God is there, and He will take you through what ever, and He loves you!!!!  ♥♥♥♥♥

Din tur til å dele :)

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