Den oppstandne Herre

Han er oppstått! Han er ikke lenger i graven! og vi har gjennom frelsen fått del i oppstandelseslivet, frelsen er ikke bare en billett eller sikkerhetsvei til en evighet med Gud, men det er frelse for hele mennesket og skaperverket!

Love is here and love is now

Love is pouring from His hands

streams of mercy flowing

to a broken world in pain and vain

at the cross the shame was taken

the guilt was carried away

love eternal broke the chains

forevermore the way was opened up

Love is here and love is now

ready to embrace your heart

to lift you out of the pit

into a new and brighter life

He is risen the song forever is

the penalty is forever done

Into His arms of love

all can run and all can hide

Love is here and love is now

Love is a shelter where safe to hide

but also the life to live from now on

as we were loved first, we’re loving back

death where is your sting?

it conquered was when He arose

death has lost it’s power

and cannot more separate God and man

Love is here and love is now and

«This is love: not that we loved God,

but that he loved us and sent his Son

as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.»

HE IS RISEN! He is no longer in the grave! HE IS ALIVE!!!

May the power that rose Christ up from death be poured out over everyones life, may the joy and peace from knowing He is alive fill everyones heart to overflowing!

Christ died, Christ has risen and Christ will come again! Be exalted over all and everything, O Lord Almighty, reign in us. We give you our lives as you gave yours for us, may you be alive in all we are and do- it is by you, through you and for you we live! May You and Your Name for always be glorified!

Din tur til å dele :)

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