how little or how much?

have you ever met people that live by the principal of how little can I do to get by,
to still keep contact between us, to please my boss, to do my part…
in all they do you have a feeling they think how little can I do to get by?
You know they wouldn’t at all walk an extra mile,
not for you, not for any-
they just want to receive and not be givers and do’ers…and then you have the people that always do their best in all things,
they may not always succeed, but you KNOW they did their best.
They always have time to listen to you- and if there’s no time, they make time.
They always look for a way to help out. They always do their part and then some extra after that.
They are the ones that leave the party last, because they helped tidying up.
You almost suspect them for being willing to move to a smaller apartment
so they can use the extra money they got to help someone in really need.

They’ll not only walk a mile extra, but willingly and happily takes 2, 3, 4 and 5 also…
you will never hear them say with words or their lives, how little… because all that’s screaming out, loud and clear
is:  How much can I do…


Love is why… Not the love that this world knows about, the love that comes from God- His agape love.
True love never ask «how little»- it always says «how much». God gave us everything.
What are we willing to give of ours, of our selves, to Him and for others?

What would people say about your way of living?
That you try to get by with «how little» or that you in all things live by «how much»

«So do not be foolish with your lives.  But learn what the Lord wants you to do.  Ephesians 5:17» (ICB).

Din tur til å dele :)

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