God is greater than any storm

God is bigger, greater and stronger than anything we’ll ever experience in life,
He is and will for ever be able to take us through what we have to face
when we’re here in this our temporary home –
He will take us the whole way home!
And when things are overwhelming and seems to tough to go through- He is here,
not only will He take us through, but He also knows,
He understands what pain we’re experiencing!


We need to keep our eyes fixed on Jesus,we need to keep walking on water,living by faith, we need to keep proclaiming and believing His word and promises for us as true in our own personal lives!
It is so much easier to believe for others…

Always fighting the good fight,
willing to go through what God says is ours to go through,rebuke what is not ours.
God is here, He is our stronger one in all things!

He will lift up a banner for us when the enemy comes in like the flood!
The peace and joy that comes after standing through a storm (even hurricane-sizes ones) are always deeper and greater than what we have ever experienced.

We don’t need to be strong enough, because God is strong enough.
We don’t need to feel like facing all things,
but our obedience and willingness to keep going strong in Him
makes our faith and surrendering proclaim out loud our trust in God,
the awesome and mighty God that has said;
«I will never leave you nor forsake you!»

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