facing hard times trusting God

Many times the most humble and surrendered Christians experience the hardest and darkest trials, but they still shine with joy and glow of deep peace. How is that possible? I believe God trust some people with greater trials because they will handle them in a way that honors him and make themselves firmly grounded in Christ. I have met some people who are just so wonderfully happy, loving and caring, and it’s easy to presume that they’ve had easy lives. But most times I find that the ones going through the toughest of times, are the ones shining the most.

Many people are able to drag themselves through hardship and survive, but only a very few are able to thrive, shine, glow and rejoice through darkness. What do they know that most others don’t know? How can they go on like it’s clear blue sky and only happy days with everything they face?

When we face trials, hardship and darkness in our lives, we tend to do one of two things. Become weary and bitter, or just accepting the dark pit and make our selves at home and as comfortable as possible in it. But what we should do, the choice we should make, is to trust God. That simple, trust God.

I waited patiently for the LORD; he turned to me and heard my cry. He lifted me out of the slimy pit, out of the mud and mire; he set my feet on a rock and gave me a firm place to stand. He put a new song in my mouth, a hymn of praise to our God (Psalm 40:1-3, NIV).

Trust God. It is easy to say and harder to live. We all have our times when we try to figure out what went wrong, where did we take a wrong turn, is it the devil, is this my fault because I did a mistake and pay the consequences now and many other questions. We also struggle to get through, we make our lists of how to solve the situation and try them out one by one, we drag our selves up by the bootstraps and try to smile, behave well and fix everything on our own… And we fail, often it is big time and we end up not only sitting in the pit but also swimming in the mud.Trust in God also means stop trying to fix it on our own and wait on God and that, that is hard, really hard. God wants me to acknowledge that I can’t fix it or deal with it and wait on him to tell me what to do or not to do and sometimes wait while he is doing the work.

Thank God he is patient with us, he leads us step by step, we learn experience after experience. He increase as we decrease. For every new situation God takes us through, we learn that He is faithful, we learn that surrendering everything also means our shortcomings, failures and all the other stuff we have in the «I-can’t-do-this-on-my-own-but-I’m-certainly-trying-really-hard-box».

God wants us to trust Him no matter what we face. He has promised to never leave us, He says He is with us through all the storms, trials, floods and whatever we face, He will make us overcomer’s, He will turn everything to something good, He will take us through and He is faithful in and through all things and times. Trust doesn’t always bring along a good feeling, especially when we are in a really hard place, but trust will always be followed by a peace that surpasses all understanding, and that peace will be followed by joy. People that decide to trust God, will need to bring their worries and burdens to Christ many times, but they will experience that the burden suddenly are lifted off them and that the peace of God floods their heart and fill it to overflowing. That peace makes them able to face the most incredible challenges with joy and a smile- they look the enemy straight in his eyes and says, my God is faithful and He has promised to be with me and take me through. I can’t do this, but Christ in me certainly can! I won’t spend my time with worry and fret when I can praise the Lord and serve Him.

God want us to trust Him: Are we able to do so? Do we decide to do so? To believe Gods promises and trust God is our part. God, on his hand, is faithful and will make everything come through.

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  1. Nå har jeg funnet både denne og den andre bloggen din,. Nydelige, inspirerende og veldig berikende for meg. Takk! 🙂 Gleder meg til å følge med videre 🙂 Gud velsigne deg!

    1. Du er en skikkelig oppmuntrer du! Fortsett med det, det gjør utrolig godt for mange og betyr mer enn du aner! Og hvorfor jeg vet og sier det, du har lagt igjen go’ord på begge mine blogger, og jeg så nettopp det tikket inn en liknende på ei kjær søsters blogg. 🙂

      «Den gavmilde får gode dager, den som øser ut til andre, får rikelig tilbake.» Ordspr.11.25

      Var innom deg en kort tur, flott blogg du har!
      Jeg la deg til i blogrollen min, håper det er greit?

      Må Gud fylle dag og hjerte med glede og styrke, kjærlighet og kraft! Guds fred og velsignelse! ~ Cecilie ~

      1. Tusen hjertelig takk Cecilie! Nå ble jeg rørt. Det gjør godt å høre at du syns jeg er oppmuntrende, det er det jeg ønsker å være – og jeg håper også at bloggen min kan hjelpe noen et skritt på vei…
        Syns du også har en utrolig fin blogg og jeg gleder meg til å følge deg videre. Kjempe koselig at du la meg til din bloggroll! Og hvis du vil er du velkommen til å legge deg til som følger. Ha en fantastisk fin dag! :))

        1. Hei igjen!
          Jeg har deg allerede i leseren min her på wordpress, så jeg blir oppdatert når noe kommer!
          Bloggen din er som ett frisk pust i en tøff hverdag, og det takker man jo ikke nei til!

          Må du og dine ha en fantastisk dag og velsigna god nye uke! 🙂

          1. Å, så koselig da! 🙂 Nå ble jeg gla 🙂 Jeg gleder meg virkelig til å følge med på hva du skriver også. Tusen takk. ha en velsignet uke du og dine også!!

    1. my precious sis Maria,
      thank you for dropping by, and for leaving such encouraging words. Keeping you in my heart always!
      Blessings, prayers and (((((BiiiiiGHuuuGs)))))
      ~ Cecilie ~

    1. «May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.» (Rom.15:13)

      God bless you beautiful one! Take good care sis Anita!
      Blessings, prayers and (((((BiiiiiGHuuuGs))))) ~ Cecilie ~

  2. Hi my dear sister Cecille. Excellent post. There is so much wisdom in what you have written, the world would say wisdom beyond your years, but of course we know that this wisdom comes down from the Father of lights. Certainly the Holy Spirit a nd the Word of God have taught you well, and I am guessing, your own trials? ……………………brother Frank

    1. God is faithful and He will always give us more than we need to stand through what we face, to Him be the glory and praise! He comfort us, not for us to become comfortable but comforters.

      and yes, I’m one of the stubborn ones needing to learn it the hard way, but when deciding whatever it takes, a new journey started. I have been blessed with a seat in the finest academy 😉 Last years I’ve been much housebound because of an illness, and there has been tons of other challenges and trials. God has been so good toward me and my boys these years, we are blessed and sees His provision and mercy carry us through each and every day. Last decade are colored with many dark colors, but the grace and mercy of God changes it into a wonderful painting!

      Thank you brother Frank,
      for taking the time to comment and bring me encouragement from above!

      «May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace as you trust in him, so that you may overflow with hope by the power of the Holy Spirit.» (Rom.15:13)

      1. «I have been blessed with a seat in the finest academy»

        Yes indeed sister. You also have the words of one who sits at the feet of the master. There are people wo would rather talk about thier infirmities in order that the Lord may be glorified, for we know that when we are weak then He is strong………………brother Frank

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