A Broken Hallelujah (I am redeemed)

tears are running down my cheeks
I bow my head and sighs O God
no words to give, no praise to sing
a broken heart, an empty soul

the world have torn my heart apart
and sickness left me powerless
scars beneath a false facade
tells what turmoil did to me

A silent whisper soaked in tears
My Lord, my God, can you hear my cry?
In you alone I put my hope
to your word and love I cling

I know you’re here, right by my side
You keep me close, I’m not alone
You’ll heal my wounds
and mend my broken heart

In my darkness you are close
promising me you’ll never let go
You hold my hand, you see my tears
you give me strength to carry on

In you alone I put my hope
to your word and love I cling
A silent whisper soaked in tears
I know that my redeemer lives

I try to cover up my shame
hide my scars and all the pain
You look at me with loving eyes
and ever so tenderly whispers to me

you are so beautiful, my darling one
I can’t take my eyes away from you
I know you want to run and hide
but even your scars are beautiful to me

Tears still running down my cheeks
when my heart finally opens up,
Your love is washing over me
I am redeemed, I am redeemed

A broken heart and contrite spirit,
you’ll never despise or turn away from
I lift my eyes toward the heavens
and whispers out a broken Hallelujah

I am redeemed

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  1. Dear sweet sis…. This is sooo powerful!! I have been here before, and I relate to this poem at times. It is so very good to know that just like Elijah when he related to these words also, that GOD came near and asked him what was HE doing there. I don’t think it was because HE did not know, but to make a connection with HIS child! The LORD says in HIS Word that «I will be with you in trouble», and HE is! HE comes near… I got that from these words of yours sis. Thank you for sharing!!! Love you dear one!!!

    1. I believe many of us can relate to it at times, it is a place of brokenness we come back to time and again… when we have reached our line and feel we have not strength for another step, God in His grace and mercy is close, He surrounds us with power and fills us with love and peace. He restores once more what has been broken, He is building up again what was torn apart. I’ve typed down a few lines on something new, first line is: “You call me in my weakness and clothe me in Your strength”. We might be broken vessels, but to God we are broken and beautiful, and His power is made perfect in our weakness… God is good!

      Thank you so much for commenting precious sis, and thank you for your mail, it brought tears to my eyes! And I think God gave you those thoughts, it connected in my spirit! Thank you for praying for us! Love you beautiful! Blessings, prayers and (((((BiiiiiGHuuuGs))))) ~ Cecilie ~

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